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At RNT we design hardware which enables software to unleash its full potential. Our design motto is not “higher, faster, further” but, “smaller, more powerful, longer”. Smaller to save space, more powerful to achieve maximum performance, and more long-term both in terms of component lifespan and the modularity of our systems. We believe this is why renown companies like IONOS and Acronis are our customers and have been trusting us to develop completely personalised solutions to meet their needs for years. We are also delighted to count award-winning software vendors like Cloudian as our partner. Partners with whom we jointly develop solutions especially for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).


These SMBs face a unique challenge – companies which require data volumes of around 50 to 150 terabytes are faced with a shortage of truly tailored storage -appliance solutions. Alternatively, you could say there is an oversupply of comprehensive offerings – enterprise solutions are available to every company, but for SMBs these solutions are sometimes simply too oversized. The RNT approach is to customise the functionality enterprise solutions to the SMB market – and adapt them in a meaningful way. An outstanding result of this process are the Yowie® storage appliances which we bring to market as a standardised and modular turnkey solution.


It is a legitimate interest of small and medium-sized companies to keep the administrative efforts of their systems controllable and user-friendly while taking advantage of extensive system features; long and intensive IT training courses can quickly curtail that manageability. A key advantage of Yowie is the state-of-the art software-defined storage solution which reduces administration complexity to a minimum. Yowie challenges the traditional storage industry by saving space – instead of five single servers you get five nodes in 3U. Yowie is designed to save energy because it’s coming with dual power supply for redundancy compared to 10 power cables in a traditional 5 node architecture. Its scale-out technology, which increases both performance and capacity quickly and easily by adding more appliances, fills a need gap of SMBs in the market.


And while we recognise that cultures, countries and details differ, we firmly believe that small and medium businesses face similar challenges across Europe – and Yowie provides an attractive solution to meet their needs. That’s why I am particularly pleased because we can now offer our Yowie portfolio in Europe with the help of our channel partners. We have used the last few months primarily to build our international Customer Care Centre, where technically skilled native speakers will soon be online to explain the product and discuss its benefits for your business flawlessly and the finer points in detail – in the local language and with appropriate cultural knowledge. And because we always want to learn, we are happy that we cannot only avoid language-related misunderstandings, but also have a direct exchange with our customers. We want to expand our support in all relevant areas and implement what we have learned from other customers and countries. So we are particularly looking forward to being RNT for Europe from 2022.